Lucas was born and raised in NH. His love for coffee started when he was 20 years old working at a cafe in his home town of Hampstead. Here, he honed his skills and perfected the craft of making a perfect cup of coffee. Unfortunately at the time, Lucas knew there were no viable career opportunities to continue practicing his passion.

Lucas enlisted in the NH Air National Guard as a Crew Chief in 2013, where he still serves to this day. When he came home from training he fell back into the coffee crowd managing his friend's Downtown Manchester Cafe. It was clear he just couldn’t stay away from his love for coffee.

Lucas met founder Jeremy and Liz Hitchcock (who share the passion for coffee) when he was their barista. Once Millyard was established, it didn’t take long for Jeremy to remember the fervor Lucas has and knew that he had to have him take the company to the next leveI.

Lucas puts the same love for the perfect cup that developed years ago into every cup of cold brew coffee we produce today.

Share in Lucas' story, support a local lifestyle, and enjoy a great cup of coffee.